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Back in its heyday was an online invention platform funded to the tune of $190 Million in venture capital led by CEO Ben Kaufman. Out of its 1,600,000 members worldwide I was able to climb its ranks and was routinely featured as one of it’s top ten inventors; and with just a little under 100 inventions submitted, my product development work resulted in 5 product wins and the opportunity to be closely involved with the company.

You don’t become a four-time Quirky inventor by chance. Felipe is a uniquely creative designer with a knack for innovation, and he’s got the Google search results for “Sandables” to prove it....
— Nathaniel Nagy
Felipe is an awe-inspiring individual. As a four time Quirky inventor, he has the requisite product know-how to develop stellar ideas that wow a crowd. But even more incredible is the drive he demonstrates to reach his goals...
— Nathaniel Padgett


It ain't easy being cheesy. With the goal of creating a passive income stream, the following infographic illustrates my experience engaging with one company within the gift industry.



Tagline: Drop a lollipop into your cup
Client: Fred
Year: 2014

Fill this colorful lollipop with tea leaves and you're in for a sweet surprise - it's a perfectly proportioned tea infuser. So go ahead and 'pop' one into your teacup. Candy has never been so handy!

As featured in:

Mashable, Wimp, BoredPanda.

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Tagline: For desktop graffiti
Client: Fred
Year: 2014

This self-stick notepad is ready for all your notes to self, hand-scrawled versions of your favorite band?s logo, and cryptic love declarations. When you're all done, peel it off and start fresh. Each sheet measures a generous 3" x 4" and Fred's packed 300 sheets into each beefy, shrinkwrapped pad.

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Tagline: It's a bracelet for your bottle
Client: Fred
Year: 2014

Next time you plan on going out and getting slap happy drunk, throw on one of these Slap Happy Slap Bracelet Beer Tags around your wrist! 

As featured in:

CoolThings, Pixable, HolyCool.

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Tagline: It's a tuneful spoonful!
Client: Fred
Year: 2015

Tired of boring dinners? Sip & Slide will change your tune! A classic, high quality slide whistle combined with a sturdy spoon brings music to the table and puts a tune in your spoon. Eat happy! Made of BPA-free, food-safe ABS plastic and zinc alloy.

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Tagline: Because wasting wine is a zin
Client: Fred
Year: 2013

If you associate your bathtub with making alcohol then you'll recognize this little gadget right away. But this time you're using it for something a little less backwoods. Use this old-school stopper and save that wine for another day. We've even attached a handy bead chain to keep everything tidy 'till you pop the plug and pour. It's just like the plug you used to have in your bathtub... just pull the chain when you're ready to drain the bottle! Stopped Up is molded from silicone and packed in a clear recyclable, peggable display box.

As featured in:

The Green Head.

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product ideation

Tagline: All bubble no trouble
Client: Fred
Year: 2014

Skill sets required: 3D Modeling, Compositing, & Art Direction.


Tagline: The yolk abductor
Client: Quirky
Project: "Pluck” product line extension pitch
Year: 2013

Seeing is believing, and believe us when we say that eggs yolks will soon be disappearing from kitchens around the country. Inspired by our friends from up above. Yolk-F-0 makes separating the yolk from its healthy white counterpart as easy as a squeeze of the spaceship shaped silicone chamber. 


Client: Wry Baby
Copywriter: Felipe Gonzalez
Designer: Dave Sopp (Owner & Co Founder of Wry Baby)
Year: 2014

A Wry Baby Snapsuit™ makes the perfect gift. It’s a wardrobe basic during baby’s first year, and it looks extra great accessorized with say, little jeans and a little hipster hoodie. In addition to being funny, Wry Babys snapsuits are also special. They’re designed and screen-printed in North Carolina, by real North Carolinians. Each is made with high quality jersey cotton (100%), sewn and imported to exact specifications.