In short, Felipe IS innovation. His approach and philosophies towards business are spot on and highly valuable in today’s complex environment. Give Felipe any challenge and he will find a way to artfully execute a solution leveraging his expertise in design, product development, and entrepreneurship. Felipe is also extremely positive, has a can-do attitude, and proactive. He is a huge asset no matter what team he’s working with or problem he’s solving. I would hire Felipe in the future in a heartbeat.
— Peter Czmielewski

Happy Clients


Felipe is an idea dynamo. He's one of the most prolific idea men I've met in our industry - a true creative mind, that has become an increasingly valuable resource in our business for product ideation, copywriting and design. He's also a pretty snappy dresser, and has amazing hair.

— Jason Amendolara

Felipe is an awe-inspiring individual. As a four time Quirky inventor, he has the requisite product know-how to develop stellar ideas that wow a crowd. But even more incredible is the drive he demonstrates to reach his goals.

— Nathaniel Padgett

You don't become a four-time Quirky inventor by chance. Felipe is a uniquely creative designer with a knack for innovation, and he's got the Google search results for "Sandables" to prove it.

If you aren't convinced by his portfolio, which I highly recommend perusing, take the time to meet him in person. He won't need much time to win you over.

— Nathaniel Nagy

Felipe possesses the kind of raw talent that you can build new business on, or take an existing client to a whole new place. His ideas are strategic original, and most of all brilliant. Felipe ideas can transcend any creative medium they need to. More important, he's a really great guy. Felipe is a funny, easy going and self-motivated. Needless to say the guy would be an obvious choice for anyone looking to expand their creative department. It's my pleasure writing this recommendation for him, and if I were staffing up a new agency, he would be one of my first calls.